Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

This is going to be one of those entries where I don't say anything, but I spend a lot of time not saying it.

So at some point I want to make my own game studio. I've got various plans for how to do this and what I want to make, and for a while my plan has been to make a console game for the GBA.

Except now the GBDS has come out, which kind of threw a wrench into the whole works. The problem is that it divides the userbase rather badly - instead of being "people with a remotely recent hand-held system", it turns into "people who've got the GBA" and "people who've got the GBDS". A further problem is that the GBDS is fundamentally *different* - that "ds" means "dual screen", and to be honest a lot of people are really confused about what to use the second screen for.

But I've just figured out how to make it work *beautifully* with my game. It's like my game was designed for it. Or it was designed for my game. In either case, it's perfect.

Except for the minor detail of userbase . . . which should be neatly solved by the time I'm ready to make this game.

And, without saying what this design aspect is, I shall now post this entry. Aren't you glad you spent the time to read it?
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