Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

In Defense of Garfield

I've been thinking that someday I'd need to write this entry.

Okay, so maybe I'm completely egotistical here. I see myself, perhaps in the far, far future, as a reasonably well-known game developer who has a blog (as much as I hate that word, it's more accurate in this case) that people read for moderately introspective comments on the game industry, game design, programming, and random stuff. And probably they'll look back on my old entries and say "He made jokes about GAY PEOPLE! Burn him!" but so it goes.

And sometime I was expecting I'd need to write the "here's what makes a game good" post, and the fundamental thing that I was going to point out is that, if lots of people like it, it's a good game. By definition. Hell, Deer Hunter is a good game on some levels. Halo 2 isn't even worth debating - enough sane reasonable people have said "this rocks, and not just because it's the sequel to Halo 1" that it's pretty clearly a Good Game.

Obviously, by the same logic, Garfield is a good comic. Only now I don't need to make this entry anymore, I'll just post this link again and everyone will say "Wow, he was smart back *then* too!"

I can hope.

("And he can SEE THE FUTURE")

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