Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

the one problem with "fans"

There's a webcomic called Fans. It's about science-fiction fans.

Dammit, keep reading this entry. I promise it's not nearly as geeky as it seems to far.

I don't know what the original design for the webcomic was going to be. It started out with a somewhat cheesy conspiracy theory plotline, albeit a really well-made one. It turned into . . .

. . . it turned into this incredible symphony. Sometimes it's about relationships. Sometimes it's about conspiracy (and relationships), and sometimes it's about philosophy (and relationships), and sometimes it's just about pure style and awesomeness (and relationships.)

Mostly it's about relationships. Turns out most good fiction is, but that's another entry.

But even more exactly, it's about relationships and adversity. Sure, maybe there's a bunch of aliens speaking the language of thoughts - but really, it's about Rumy falling in love. Okay, so their alternate-universe selves from the past come to the future and ambush them - but really, it's about change and growth. Sure, the entire human race is extinct and aliens are trying to repopulate the earth starting from one man - but really, it's about family and love. Sure, half the team has been kidnapped by the F.I.B. - but really, it's about Alisin's jealousy and Shanna's constant battle for sanity. Or what she sees as sanity. Or what she thinks she sees as sanity. (Long story.)

And, of course, it's always about Rikk's strength. Except when it's not, and then it's always about something else.

There's only one thing I don't like about it.

They're college students, right? And they're going from one of these crazy adventures to another. And every once in a while I wish they'd spend a few issues showing what they do, what they're like, what shape the relationships are in, when they're *not* battling hellroaches or trying to stop a story from taking over the planet or being kidnapped by a mad scientist or attempting to kill Satan himself. It seems like the important changes only really happen while there's a lot of other stuff happening at the same time. It's like eating rich cheesecake every single day of your life.

And I think that's the only thing that bugs me about it . . . but not enough to make me stop reading.

Damn this series is good.

(In the last three pages they've got from a Coyote+Roadrunner metaphor to a contract hit which is already doomed thanks to a promise God made to them about a year back. Clearly they're setting up for a future plotline, since they've just switched to a meeting with part of a group that - a few months ago - kidnapped Rikk's wife. I wonder if these will intertwine.)
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