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No serious entries for a bit, perhaps. Nothing's wrong - if anything, something's right - I just don't see myself being a pinnacle of resigned philosophical knowledge anytime in the very near future.

Instead I leave you with the three following pieces of wisdom.

First, there are few things that cannot be improved by adding cheese or mustard - however, there are few things that *can* be improved by adding cheese *and* mustard.

Second, Schlock Mercenary is funny and cool. Very few comic strips spend an entire strip explaining what a dyson sphere is, and that alone makes it cool IMHO. the fact that it's also funny doesn't hurt.

Third, I've forgotten what the third thing I was going to say was.

I will keep posting - but I'm afraid these posts will probably take a step back from deep-and-meaningful and delve into the stupid, amusing, and highly technological.

Zorba-philosophical will be back when his brain has realigned, and perhaps he'll actually be able to explain this, too. At the moment, however, I have macaroni and cheese and cheese waiting, and people must have their priorities, mustn't they?

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