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I know who she is.

She's not Maya, Led, or Reka at all. She's half Daisy Kutter and half Lucca. And she's not lonely. She's *tired*. And she's searching, not waiting.

And that's why I never see her in the same place - because she keeps moving.

And I see the whole thing now. There was some cataclysm that happened (what happened? I don't know) and she was one of the few survivors (how many? why haven't they banded together? very few, and I think they're all insane in some way). She's wandering the world setting up outposts, fully robotic and self-sufficient, in the hopes that someone will find one and follow her. Or just settle there.

I think she's trying to figure out how to fix the world.

I don't think she realizes that.

There are *tons* of stories here. There're madmen roaming the lands, very few of them, and there are stories about her encounters with them. There are monsters, some are smart, some are just vicious, some are downright sadistic. (Some of the madmen and monsters are the same people. Some of the monsters look like nothing remotely Terran.) There's a few - a very few - people who are sane, and none of them trust each other because you never know what's roaming the wastes.

There're artifacts left behind by humans. There're artifacts left behind by . . . nobody knows. Except they weren't there before the Cataclysm, and they're all dark metal and latticework and spiky bits, and they're almost grown into the ground - but nobody ever sees them growing. And they're "safe" - because nobody's ever seen one move, or gotten hurt by one. As near as anyone can tell they're just metal sculptures that inexplicably appear where you were sure they weren't before. But there are also monsters made of the same dark metal, and they're practically indestructible and more malicious than anything else in the wastes.

Something went very, very wrong one day, and caused all this. And she's the only person trying to undo it. Only she doesn't know what it is, or even where to start, so she's exploring and trying to help the sane any way she can and trying to learn what the hell happened that day.

I'm liking this world. It's got potential.

And now I can see the whole thing.
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