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now that I think of it, the ranma-bra thing lends itself to a lot of jokes.

"When I said 'anything-goes', I didn't mean it literally."

"Now, I teach you the ancient art of Crossdressing Kung Fu!"

"It is important that you be comfortable during battle. Do whatever is necessary." "Okay."

It does, however, create a question of - why does Ranma need to borrow clothes later on? He seems to have his own wardrobe already . . .

On another subject, ow. Just got home from a temp job. Good news: made between $70 and $95 depending on rate. (minus tax.) Bad news: was about nine-and-a-half hours of basically heavy labor. Ow >_< I don't know *how* many pounds of metal I helped move.

And I'm doing it again tomorrow >_<

some people, i.e. me, just don't learn, do we?

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