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well, I was thinking about writing more. looks like it ain't gonna happen though. sleep for me.

And I can't even read my friends page! grrrr.

And looks like someone new has added me to their friends list. Weird, again. Though what's weirder is the two people who've been making regular comments on my journal *without* adding me to their friends list. I can only assume that they go to my page specifically. Or monitor someone *else's* friends list. How strange.

And, grr, I can't look at the new-person's journal! because LJ is downish!



smash, rend, destroy, for three minutes.

oh well. time to take a shower, methinks, then go to bed. pillow hair in my immediate future >_< will check LJ friends before bed, see if it's working. then bed.

Philosopher-Zorba will be back eventually. Don't go expecting him anytime before Monday though. It's my mind, you see. Things are happening. Not sure I can explain, so I revert to Kiki mode.

Oooh, shiny thing!

poing, poing.

The LJ client has some weird moods in its list. Think I'll use one :D
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