Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

letter sent to applebee's customer service

I've gone to Applebee's reasonably frequently over the past year or two - maybe twice a month. It's not world-class food but it's good and consistent and you're open late. All of these are pluses.

Lately, I've been getting ads from you.

It should be pointed out that I don't like ads on the internet. But most of the time I can accept them. Most of the time it's not really irritating - a website's owner wants to put up an ad, fine, that's their business. As long as it stays on their page I don't complain.

Some ads, though, don't do that. They pop up in a new window. Those are annoying. They pollute my taskbar, they pollute my workspace, they pop up in places that I'm about to click and I accidentally click on them. Luckily, there's usually a solution - use Firefox. Firefox is an alternative web browser, and one of the handy things it does is block popups.

However, someone's figured out a way to get around that block. That someone is you. I've been getting popups for Applebee's lately. One every few days. And it's annoying. Because I've made quite a bit of effort to keep these popups from occuring, and yet someone - someone that you pay money to - has decided that despite my effort, they still want to show ads to me. They're willing to work past all my filters in order to annoy me with targeted advertisements.

And you're paying them for it.

And so now I have to look at it differently. Instead of paying you $20 for a good meal, I'm paying you $20 for a good meal and an hour of being annoyed by popups. And you know what? It isn't worth it. I don't want popups. I know about Applebee's, I don't need advertisement to remind me of its existence. It's just annoying.

And so I'm not going to Applebee's anymore, and when friends suggest it - as they do reasonably frequently - I'll suggest another place, and I'll explain why. And, knowing my friends, they will agree with me.

"Applebee's - Eatin' Good in the Neighborhood, and Irritating You While You Work". Doesn't have the same ring to it.

Once I stop getting popups, I'll reconsider it. For now, you've lost yourself a customer.


Don't like popups? Go tell them. (Link's at the bottom.)

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