Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

philosopher zorba return, part 1

. . . I think I'll waste this entry on something relatively trivial, though. I'll explain more later. If I can.

So, today's entry is titled . . .

Inventor to Healer to Champion

because this appears to be what I've done. In the Keirsey Temperment Sorter tests I've done, this has been the progression - a few years ago on the top one. then continuing on to the present day.

I feel vaguely validated that I can actually rationalize this - the swap from extroversion to introversion to extroversion was caused by the Basic Me, then feeling uberrepressed and unfunctional, then . . . getting better. And going from rational to idealist is my slow realization that There's More To Life. (note that this is a recursive statement. there isn't more to life than any one thing - there's more to life than you think there is. No matter what you think.)

Or maybe I'm just BSing :) Quite possible.

Although I think my recent actions on LJ and AIM speak quite well for considering myself a champion, in intent if not in practice :P

Hrm. My usual test on these - browsing through the possible outcomes and seeing if any *don't* apply to me - isn't giving me as amusing results as it usually does. this personality type, for example, is just bleah. Though it says this is 40 to 45 percent of the population. (Is this true, or is this just a way of making everyone feel better? What if the percentages are really reversed, and 95% of America would consider themselves above average from this test?)

And somehow this doesn't seem interesting either. I don't want to entertain. I want to *create*. And entertain in the process, but more than entertaining, I want to make people *think*.

Hrm. Looking through this, I only really like ?n?p. And intp looks kinda . . . too focused.

Grrr, where's Nikola Tesla? :P

Of course, this could also be sour grapes - "I'm not them, therefore I don't like them".

I'd be interested in seeing what people get at the swirve.com test - yes, you have to register first - and whether it's accurate or not in their opinion.

Hrm. Intuitive perceiver. And either extro or intro verted, and either feeling or thinking. Yeah, I'll buy that.

Tomorrow, either something deeply meaningful from my cache of entries-to-be-written, or an attempt to explain last week. And why I might be healed, at least to the point where I can find someone to make me whole again.

(And yes. I have no problems with saying that I need an alter-mind to be complete. Just to bounce ideas off of, and get ideas bounced off of - it's necessary for me. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. More later.)

Oh, and my dad might be reading this. Wonder what he'll think of it all :P
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