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Going through my journal and adding posts to memories. Probably far too many. I'm up to 52 >_< and rising . . . well, anyone who's interested, go and read. Note that all memories that are mine are also crosslinked under my_memories, so you don't have to read all the categories seperately - there's also a lot of other crosslinking :P

If you only read one category, read existence. It's small. It's the stuff that can't really be categorized under any other area, and . . . it's my favorite stuff, too.

this is depressing, of course. I have 25 entries under the category labeled "deep_depression" so far. Almost half of all my memories.

sigh. I had more to say . . . tonight might not be fun. I had hoped I was over this, for a while at least. I guess not. Temporary, temporary, temporary . . . everything good is temporary.


this entry. No, not about the entry, really . . . mostly (grrr! this MP3 is incomplete!) mostly the person I'm referring to. SHAWT. This guy I found online 'cause he had a cool journal of his own - not LJ-journal, but HTML journal. And he linked to luna, and from luna I linked to kirub and melek, and who else? Wishful found me, as I remember . . . but I don't know how, and wishful was friends with luna. Did wishful find me through luna? Or did wishful find luna through me? Or was it just full coincidence? And sugarymalice, who was friends with wishful, and I *think* I found her through wishful via journal comments but I'm not sure. And sugarymalice lives in the same city as luna/kirub/melek, and that *is* coincidence, because luna didn't know her. And heronblue mentioned that she might know kirub third-hand or so. (though I don't think I can explain that one any more without getting explicit permission, and even then I'd rather someone who's slightly more connected to that explanation do it.) And who else? My friends network has gotten so large and so inbred in places (hawkswift, making comments about heronblue's journal) that . . . I don't really know anymore.

And Kill Kill really *is* a cute cat.


This stupid mp3 is going at 2.5k/s >_<

this. 708 matches. (I checked this a day or two ago at my dad's - it was 707 matches then.)

cathexis, I figured out why that angryflower.com comic with the bomb seemed familiar. It's because I linked to it once :)

I'm up to here, and I'm gonna stop cataloguing since I'm too near present-day. (if that makes sense to anyone else.)

Too many additions! like, 50% of my entries are added to memories :P well, they're categorized - that's the important part. If you want to go directly to funnyness or happy_thoughts, now you can! And, grrr, I think one or two might have ended up in the wrong place - if you see any that are clearly mispositioned, let me know, wouldja? Or any entry that isn't under my_memories or other_memories. if somehow you notice. (no, I have no idea how you'd notice either.)

Once again - check out existence. These are the entries that Really Mean Something. Even if I'm not sure what.

And note that if, for some reason you're cruising my old entries and you decide to post a comment, go right ahead! I've got email notification, so I'll get it :P

. . . ice cream. and bed.
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