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longings for a rocket-powered sledgehammer, part 3 of 1

There's this manga named Battle Angel Alita. It's set in the future, in a timeframe where you could go get your entire body replaced with a cybernetic frame - human-sized, elephant-sized, whatever. As long as your brain is intact you could do just about anything (if you could afford it.)

It's really beautiful in a lot of ways. It's got these battle sequences based around motion and speed, and it has fantastic awesome scale ("people" the size of houses, one of the most beautifully insane bad guys I've seen in a long time, etc.) One of the characters, Ido, has a rocket-powered sledgehammer. Well, "sledgehammer" might be a bit inaccurate since that end is sharpened - but it's rocket-powered, and it's basically a spiky club.

Here, look at a picture for a sec.

The rocket motor is the end that isn't pointy. (I can't find any better pics right now.) It's thoroughly impractical, of course, but in this universe that doesn't really matter - style tends to trump practicality. Hey, we can give people entire cybernetic bodies - who cares about something minor like physics?


About five years ago I had this entry in mind. I was going to talk about how I wanted to live in this universe, because I wanted that beauty, that saturation and contrast in my life.

A year ago I dug out a "to-do" list and found my notes, and realized, hey, that doesn't really apply anymore. And I wrote up this entry about how I *did* live in that universe, and not really this one - I just sort of existed in this one, but really my Self existed in this other plane. And I just never got around to posting it.

A few days ago I went back to look at my backlog of LJ entries (which I'm trying to gradually clear out) and found it, yet again.

And, again, I don't really agree with it.

Because, yes, I do live in that world. It's what I spend most of my time doing - playing with imagination, with character, with Plot and Form and Style. It's what I'm dedicated to, and it's what I pour a truly amazing amount of energy into.

But I live in this one also. There's a lot of stuff to do in this world, and there's a lot of stuff I want to accomplish. Even without going into the world of creation.

And that's kind of interesting. I've changed, a whole lot, and I think I'm better for it - despite all that really really hurt about it.
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