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this. I did it once, then wrote 'em down, then browsed through and changed some answers and did it again. The numbers are from the first time I did it - the order is from the second. "x" entries didn't show up the first time :)

1. Worcester, Massachusetts
2. Danbury, Connecticut
5. Johnson, Vermont
7. Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts
9. Bend, Oregon
3. Westerly, Rhode Island
8. Williamstown, Massachusetts
4. Providence, Rhode Island
11. Woodstock, Vermont
12. Astoria, Oregon
15. Joseph, Oregon
6. Newburyport, Massachusetts
20. Middlebury, Vermont
19. St. Helens, Oregon
22. Lincoln City, Oregon
x. Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
10. Litchfield, Connecticut
x. Brattleboro, Vermont
23. Newport, Oregon
x. Burlington, Vermont
x. Elkins, West Virginia
x. Medford, Oregon
13. Hartford, Connecticut
14. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

And, for entries that didn't show up the second time . . .
16. Amherst, Massachusetts
17. Essex, Connecticut
18. Seward, Alaska
21. New Haven, Connecticut
24. Nantucket, Massachusetts

sure is telling me where I should live, isn't it? Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, or Oregon. Or Vermont. West Virginia was new the second time.

Glad it didn't tell me to go to Hawaii.
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