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I can see already that this is going to be one of those projects that doesn't appear to actually have any code in it. Just a lot of little scraps holding other scraps together.

See, one way you can do software dev is by reusing components. And another way is by breaking your code into chunks that do small well-defined parts, and usually talk to each other. Take these to their logical extremes, and you can end up with code that, in a way, doesn't actually exist. The parts that do the "real work" don't do anything of the sort - they do a well-defined action that has nothing to do with your data specifically. The part that does have to do with your data specifically is so small that it can't possibly do anything. Like, I've got bits that load single files. I don't have any part of the code that says anything even remotely like "load all files". Yet all files still get loaded.

It's a bit hard to explain.

It's also a bit frustrating, in that someone asks me "how did you do " and I have to say "well . . . I didn't . . . it just sort of happened."

I keep wanting to make an entry on how I'm feeling. Only I can't even remotely begin to put it into words. And it keeps changing, too - really rapidly.
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