Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

and on a completely different note

Eric Burns writes a long rambly post about all sorts of things.

Some of which happens in San Francisco.

I'm starting to have an interesting relationship with this area. I'm feeling like I know it, far better than I ever knew Seattle. So I read something like this, and if it had been Seattle, I would have thought "huh, this cool guy was near my city, kind of."

But here, I read this and I know where he went because I've been in the same areas. The Cal-Train? Five blocks from my house. I drive under the train tracks every day. Fisherman's Wharf? I've been there. I've seen the sea lions. I've brought *other people* to see the sea lions on multiple occasions. And, you know, just a few days ago, Eric Burns and Shaenon Garrity were looking at those same sea lions.

And the weird thing is that this isn't a rare occurance. Random people just come and hang out in this area I'm starting to know very well. Random events happen nearby, and I could go to them (and rarely do, but mostly just because they're not *quite* interesting enough.)

It feels like, you know, not just a city. It feels like my city.

I like this city.

(Well . . . this urban sprawl. Let's be realistic here.)

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