Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

from Warren Ellis

"I'm going through a phase of what I call Stupid Ideas With Titles. I sit there and a one-line high concept, an opening scene and a title drop into my head -- but nothing else comes with them, and it'd be weeks of heavy lifting to actually produce a decent story to go with them.

Last night is a case in point; I'm outside having a cigarette (I don't smoke in the house), and this whole thing just appears in the front of my brain: BOOMBOOMCRASH, a romance between a jilted girl and a bombmaker. And an opening scene at a gig venue where the girl goes into a room to cry, locks the door and throws the key out of the high window, and then turns to see the bombmaker finishing up the attachment of an explosive device to a gas pipe, and she's just locked them both in the room with it.

Problem is, that's IT. Nothing comes along with it. And I just know in my gut that anything that follows is going to be really mechanical and bloodless.

So it goes in the file with the hundred others just like it, to be folded into another project somewhere along the way.

And I sit here on Saturday afternoons, generating one after the other, waiting for the one that has the real spark."


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