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I want good speakers!

grrr grr grrrr.

Okay. First subject.

One of the classic studies to show Bad Ways Of Taking A Survey follows. A group of people was trying to determine how many children, on average, people had. They interviewed a bunch of adults and came to the conclusion that males have more children than females - it was something around 2.2 to 1.6.


Turned out that their survey targets had all been middle-aged Princeton graduates. So their survey *actually* concluded that, out of middle-aged Princeton graduates, males have more children than females. Whereas clearly males must have the same number of children as females.

But actually . . . they *don't*. Genetically speaking, males have more children than females. Why?

Because there are more females.

Yet almost nobody thinks about it that way - most people think it's a fifty-fifty divide :)

The second is that I seem to be turning into Carrot.

Only I don't remember why.

Hold on, I gotta go snag Jingo.

Aha! Found it.
    ". . . Have you ever really watched him? I bet he'd fonud out everything about Jabbar by the time he'd talked to him for ten minutes. I bet he knows the name of every camel. And he'll remember it all. People don't take that much interest in other people, usually." Her fingers idly traced a pattern in the sand. "So he makes you feel important."
    "Politicians do that--" Vimes began.
    "Not the way he does, believe me. I expect Lord Vetinari remembers facts about people--"
    "Oh, you'd better believe that!"
    "--but Carrot takes an interest. He doesn't even think about it. He makes space in his head for people . . ."
and although I don't seem to be as good at it as he is, I certainly try. Okay, okay, so I can't claim the "doesn't even think about it" part :P

Anyway. Probably post more later on. Probably doesn't really matter, since it's nigh-impossible to get into LJ right now anyway :P
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