Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics.

There's some problems with this site.

A lot of what they talk about I agree with. No sound in space: that's a classic. Neverending ammo clips: yep, that's a classic too. There's a lot of blindingly stupid common mistakes that really don't exist for any good reasons. (I, for one, would like to see someone make an action movie with 100% realistic physics and gunplay. I'm tired of people slinging lead everywhere. It's been done. Find a new gimmick.)

But I start having issues when they complain about superscience. It's superscience - that's the entire *point*. Nobody can prove that hyperdrive or warp drive is impossible - it relies on physical behavior that we simply haven't discovered yet. And when you start writing big long monologues on why building a deflector shield that reflects gunfire and lasers, but not soldiers, is impossible, I just start laughing.

Of course it's not impossible. Gunfire and lasers travel at high speeds. Soldiers don't. Given a sensor network and a sufficiently fast computer, you could easily do pinpoint deflection of those specific items. Even assuming we don't have pinpoint deflection (and if we do, why do we let the enemy soldiers through?) it's not *that* absurd to say "it only lets things with low kinetic energy through."

(As I remember, Dune had a deflector shield like this.)

What it all comes down to is: You can tell how physics in space works, because we know how physics in space works. You can tell me how gun battles work, because we know that too. But until you can build me a deflector shield, you don't get to tell me how *it* works.

(Unless it's internally inconsistent, and diety knows we've had enough of those. Just look at the Star Trek transporter - does it transport matter, or only data? Nobody knows - especially the people who write Star Trek! But that's another issue.)

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