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here's your paycheck, give me your soul | 8060 servings per container

this tells me I'm worth $2,654,170. Although I don't believe it. Just what goes into this stat?

And how much of it is based on someone's self-image?

I remember a study where they went around to people and asked them whether the considered themselves socially above average, average, or below average. 80% of their sample was above average. Impressive, huh?

When going down that list, I couldn't point to a single thing that I really felt below average in . . . but then, how many people would?

Of course, they didn't have trivia on there. So maybe that helps a bit. There are plenty of people who could wipe the floor with me in anything involving geography or history, and I know it full well. Even computer trivia. (What's the bus width of a Pentium Pro? Not a clue. It ain't important!)

And I also had a problem with the "IQ" thing - especially when you look under the Most Expensive and see literally half a dozen doctorates with an IQ of 200 :P (females seem to be less prone to claiming insane IQs.)

I feel a bit hypocritical on that, though, since I *did* choose 180, because the only IQ test that was even remotely accurate that I took (years and years and years ago) registered me as "above 155", and I don't actually know what the real number is. 180 is just a wild guess . . .

oh well. go figure.

Ever looked on food products, and really paid attention to the little "nutrition" label?

The servings are absurdly small sometimes. For example, a bottle of Sobe is 2.5 servings. Do you know anyone who actually drinks a single serving of soda at a time, and puts the rest in the fridge for a future opportunity? No, you finish the bottle, of course.

I was having fun in Costco - a large bulk-stuff store - looking at food labels. Marachino cherries - 150 servings per container! Beef boullion cubes (in bulk) - 200 servings per container! How about spices? 50, 60 servings per container. The mustard we bought has 80 servings. There were a lot of things around the 500 area - the amusing part is, they weren't rounded. Labels like "491 servings per container" and such.

Then my mom bought a large box of baking soda . . .

8060 servings per container!

Isn't this just a *bit* insane, folks?

I have another deep philsophical and meaningful entry coming up, but it can wait.

And it's a bit of an honor that someone linked to my previous entry . . . I mean, wow, that's flattery :)
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