Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Since I suddenly was forced to be interested in cars, I've been looking at them in a bit more detail.

The car I've been slowly gravitating towards is the Mazda RX-8. It's got a Wankel Rotary Engine, y'see. This is cool. It's also supposedly a very good sports car at a surprisingly low price, and one of the most durable cars out there (a basic Wankel engine, I'm told, has three moving parts. The one in the Mazda is slightly more complicated but I think it's still well under ten.)

I parked in the Google lot today next to a car that looked awesome. Sports car, yes, but *unique* sports car - not just another lozenge. It looked as cool as a Z-car, in a completely different way. Natch, it turned out to be an RX-8. (Google image search)

Reading reviews, though, were entertaining. Basically, the more the person knew about cars, the higher the rating was. The first one I read was someone who complained that it didn't have much power. Not only that, but the automatic transmission was a bit jerky!

Wait a second. You're reviewing a sports car with an automatic transmission?


The next few reviews *also* complained about the power a bit. Apparently it doesn't accelerate well at low RPM. They considered this a major, major problem.

The last review I read, though, pointed out that the engine redlined at 9000 RPM (yes, 9000, not a typo) and was perfectly happy at 8000. And pointed out that it had a six-speed transmission exactly so that you could keep it in the exact right gear for its high-RPM power to kick in fully.

And then went into all sorts of detail on the suspension that, let's be honest here, I know nothing about. But it sounded cool.

Now if only I had lots of disposable income that wasn't earmarked for other purposes . . . well, maybe in a few years.

(That final review is here, incidentally.)
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