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So I'm wandering around in Best Buy grabbing a few mid-tech gizmos I need. Cordless phone. Desk mic. That sort of thing. I go to browse the music.

There's this one singer that I like, called Anna Nalick. I found her thanks to a friend of mine who sent me her entire CD in MP3. It's good stuff, ya know?

So I found her CD. And picked it up, and looked at it, and said "Yeah! I'll buy this!" and turned it over and


. . . What the hell.

What the hell.

You know why I'm looking at this CD, guys? You know the only reason I even know this artist exists?

It's because of that federal offense you're blaming me for. It's because I broke the law and, thanks to that, I am willing to spend money on you.

Don't you realize that? Don't you realize that this "horrible crime" that you're all up in arms against could help you? Don't you realize that it's the most incredible PR machine that anyone has yet devised - that it means you barely need any advertising, if any, all you need to do is get good music out there and it will be found?

Of course, they do. That's what the problem is. It's not the artists that are making most of the fuss. It's the RIAA. It's the MPAA. They're fucking terrified that they'll have control taken away, that they'll lose their monopoly . . . that they'll become obsolete.

(I wonder if they're learning a lesson from Firefly yet. I doubt it.)

I put the CD back. It didn't feel right anymore. These people don't want my dirty pirate money? They won't get it. I'll buy it used, and go to a show or buy a T-shirt or something. I imagine Anna Nalick will get more of my money that way anyway.

Of course, I ended up buying an Eve 6 CD instead, and I imagine the money's mostly going to the same place. But this one didn't have an FBI warning on the back. Guess where I found Eve 6? If you're guessing "a friend sent me MP3s" you're wrong - it was actually a netradio station.

Guys . . . this is the Internet. Embrace it, because it isn't going away.
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