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changing the worlds in three bullet points

1) Holy crap.

(That is all the spoilers for Serenity I will allow on this journal for the time being. I have seen it - that doesn't mean other people have. If you haven't, go see it.) (Incidentally, this policy covers just about any interesting movie or media. If you post spoilers on it on my journal, I will personally shoot you. Blackout period ends several months after it's been released - but wait those months, got it?)

2) It occurs to me that, as amazing as the special effects in that movie were, they were also almost wholly unnecessary. I don't even want to estimate the budget of that movie - but if they slashed it by 90%, how much would they have slashed their revenue?

If the Internet becomes a viable method for selling movies and TV shows, would they even have slashed it that much?

That's the interesting thing about this whole media revolution - the fact that you no longer need to spend X million just to get a time slot. You can spend five bucks and the world will come watch your video if it's good enough. Once that first big barrier comes down, suddenly you no longer have as much of a reason to make yours slightly better than what it's competing against but still average enough to be generally interesting - you can go for the crazy edge cases and people who want specialized things.

Interesting times.

3) I think I need to reconsider some of my priorities a bit. Unfortunately, if they go in the direction I think they're going, it'll mean I have even *less* free time.

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