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In Civilization 4, there are certain things that you want electrical power for. Mostly factories, but I think there's one or two others.

There's no less than four different ways to get this electrical power.

You can build a coal plant, which makes pollution. You can build a nuclear plant, which randomly explodes (sigh). Or, if you're next to water, you can build a hydro plant, which is the best in all ways except that it requires much higher technology and is more expensive.

If you really want an investment, you can build the Three Gorges Dam wonder, which powers all the cities on the continent. Again, being next to water is important.

The problem is that all of this is very late-game, often within a hundred turns. And when it takes half a dozen turns to build any of these - that's the entire output of a city, for about half a decade - it's often not worth building one. You might just wait until the next one.

It's a bizarre rapid technology shift that isn't paralleled anywhere else in the game. Everything else either doesn't have such major technology jumps so rapidly, or is implemented in terms of upgrades.

And it's occured to me that this probably will be too. In Civilization 34, released in the year 2150, I fully expect these to all be combined.

"Power plant."

Get "fission" or "plastics", if you're next to water, and the pollution goes away. Get "fusion" and it no longer consumes any resources.

I wonder what the recent events of the world are going to look like in fifty years.
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