Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Yet another article about how the female form is expolited mercilessly in games because all women in games have big breasts omg the sky is falling.

(Link may be dead - slashdot article, mirror.)

Good response here.


Having worked in the games biz for over a decade I am going to share with you all a secret...

The vast majority of people in the games biz have girlfriends, wifes, or other form of sexual partners.

The amount of time spent on the female form in our games? Close to zero.

Yes, the female form is usually idealized in games.
And for that matter, so is the male.
And while we're at it so are zombies, aliens, vehicles, buildings, and just about everything else we stick in a game.

It is appealing for people to want to portray the industry as patethic little dorks masturbating in their cubicles over bouncing breast physics in games and the poor women of the world soldiering on in the face of such behavior in men ready to throw their cash at the games market if the 'little boys would just grow up and be as mature as women'

Too bad it has no realtion to reality.

40 percent of our time is spent thinking about and implementing what we think would be fun.

40 percent of our time is spent thinking about and implementing what we think would look cool.

And 10 percent of our time is spent think about and talking about where we are going to have lunch.

Which pretty much sums up my opinions, too. Click here for an over-exaggerated hyper-sexualized character! Alternatively, click here for one of the better characters I've seen in quite a while. (The metal one is named Dog. Alyx built him.)

Yeah, the whole sexuality thing is worth keeping an eye on - but I really don't think it's particularly bad at this point.
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