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morality quiz time

Windows doesn't come with a DVD player.

There's a few ways you can get one. For example, you can go buy a big software package. Or you can go to MS's homepage and look at their "DVD Decoder Plug-Ins".

Some of them are very cheap, and very small. "Cheap", for example, like $15. And "small", for example, like 170kb.

The techs on my friends list are probably blinking at that number in surprise. For those who aren't: 170kb is a ludicrously small size for a DVD player. Actually, with modern programs and modern disregard for disk space, you could probably make a calculator that was larger than 170kb without working too hard.

The trick is that those "DVD decoders" aren't actually DVD decoders. Windows *does* come with a DVD player. It's just disabled. It's the work of about thirty seconds to enable it, if you know what you're doing. Or you could fork over $15 for a "player".

The funny thing is, it's entirely possible that making that change to your registry is illegal. I suspect Microsoft doesn't pay for a DVD decoding license - after all, Windows doesn't play DVDs - and so you're playing DVDs without a license. Horrors! That's *got* to be illegal, there isn't a company making money off your every waking moment!

So for the amateur morality lawyers out there - is that registry change moral?

Now, for the more expert ones - what I'm playing on it is a Babylon 5 Hong Kong bootleg DVD I borrowed from a friend. Is *that* moral?
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