Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

random thoughts about game puzzles and conventions

Building a barricade out of bookcases and random office crud is acceptable. Okay, so if I could just lift up that garbage can, I could get past. It's okay. The garbage can isn't a garbage can - it's an Obstruction. We're used to things like that, and we recognize that games might not reflect reality completely.

Making a puzzle involving moving a crate around, in order to jump over an obstruction of cast iron or steel, is also okay. Cast iron and steel are solid. We can see that with our own two eyes. Not a stretch. C'mon, it's something we might do in *real life*.

Combining the two isn't okay. The garbage can is an Obstruction, and as such, we can't get past it. It's a solid wall in a gamer's mind - the sheer fact that it's not a steel wall means that we can't treat it like one. It doesn't follow the same rules. You can see how a steel wall will behave because it already behaves like that in real life, but a garbage can? If you can't move it, it also means you can't bypass it. End of story.

You can't have your abstractions and your realism in the same package.
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