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three things that happened today, in increasing order of importance

1) I got my game library up on Sourceforge! For those who don't know, Sourceforge is a centralized system for open-source projects - by putting it up I have the chance of getting people interested in writing parts of it for me, as well as maybe getting bug reports and suggestions and all. Maybe ;) There's not anything up there right now - I want to wait until it'll compile in order to post - but I should be able to do so tonight. Anyone who's interested for whatever reason, http://sourceforge.net/projects/retro/.

2) Did my first jewelry in silver today - four bucks of silver and a $6 opal. The opal's not set yet - actually, the setting isn't ready yet - actually, the ring isn't ring-shaped yet - actually, the piece of metal that will be ring-shaped isn't cut out yet. I've got some work left to do :P But it's kinda exciting - ten bucks of raw material, and in theory I could probably sell the ring for twenty or thirty. Or more. The opal is *beautiful* - I didn't know opals had rainbow in them like that. Very very pretty. Once I've done this, maybe I'll be able to do that thing I was planning with the petersite . . . if only I knew someone with a digital camera, I could take a pic of the ring when it's done! ah well.

3) Took a slightly different bus to class today - see, the 7 runs along Rainier, and eventually gets to downtown. Normally I get off downtown and take the 16, which goes right next to North Seattle Community College (and by my ex's house also, but we won't talk about that.) Well, last time I went to class, I left a bit late and ended up in the middle of rush hour. Packed bus. Probably slower too. So this time, I realized I was leaving at about the same time, and I got off about halfway down Rainier and caught the 48 instead. It only goes to within about four blocks of the college, but I think it was much faster.

On the way, I was looking out the window and I had this weird sense of deja vu, like it was a place I recognize and had enjoyed. But I *didn't* really recognize it - it was a place in Seattle I'd been, but not really *been*, if that makes sense, always on the way to somewhere else. There was a bridge, see, and it ran across a little valley full of trees - dense trees, so you couldn't see the bottom. And it was resonating with something I'd done recently - in the last few months. And I hadn't taken the 48 since I . . .

. . . came back from Washington DC . . .

And suddenly I realized what it was. It was a little miniature Rock Creek Park. I mean, it *wasn't*, obviously, but . . . it was similar. A little bridge across a tree-y valley.

It made me happy, because I remembered visiting DC and wandering around these little stores and eating lunch and learning to use chopsticks and everything.

Tira . . . I miss you. But you know that already :)
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