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on corporate machinations and useless letters

Cleaning up my apartment (I've been doing a lot of that recently) and I run across a few letters I seem to have forgotten. Whups.

This isn't really a problem 99.9% of the time. Most of the time it's credit card offers or other junk mail. I used to get bills, but then I got fed up with them and went to sign up online - I don't pay bills manually. Twice a month it's pay stubs, which get tossed, unopened, on an increasingly large pile in a rather useless corner of my kitchen. (I need a filing cabinet.)

Once in a while it's people actually sending me letters, and those always get opened pretty much immediately

Once in a very, very rare while, it's something corporate that should actually be looked at. I guess I got one of those a few months ago and didn't open it before - it's an update to the credit card I don't use. They've decided to send me a new one.

Now, I already don't use it because the credit limit is uselessly low - I got it mostly so I could start building credit rating, and I've gotten one since with a credit limit that's literally an order of magnitude higher. (And even that one isn't particularly high. Seriously, this thing is *uselessly* low.) But, okay, it's getting near expiring - in fact, digging my old one out of my wallet, the expiration date is June 2006! Good thing they sent this new one, with an expiration date of . . .

. . . July 2006.

What the christ.
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