Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

in search of a desk

I need a new computer desk.

I'm having a stunningly hard time finding one.

Problem one: The place I plan to put a desk is about six feet long. That's 72 inches. That's long. Most desks seem to max out at 60 inches, and to be honest? I can use that full 72 inches. (And there's no way I'm buying a 12 inch desk as a filler. That's just stupid.)

Problem two: I want a desk that's a bit lower than most. My current desk is 30 inches, and that's way too high. I'd like it to go down to 24 inches, but honestly I'm not sure what my ideal height is. Perhaps 26? 28? I don't know. Adjustable, obviously, is a Good Thing.

Problem three: I have this giant hulking beast of a monitor. It's a 22" CRT, and the fucker weighs seventy pounds. That alone is 2/3 of the weight limit on all the otherwise-valid Ikea desks I've found so far. How exact is this weight limit? I dunno, but I for one don't want a seventy-pound monitor unexpectedly landing on my kneecaps.

Problem four: It shouldn't cost two thousand dollars. Seriously, what the hell. I can buy something that's *almost* good enough at Ikea for $200, a little reinforcement shouldn't cost an order of magnitude.

Any suggestions?
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