Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

I try not to do research on things that I want to read.

I suppose if I had a highly limited budget I'd spend more time figuring out what was worth getting. And if I only wanted to spend time on things that were good, I'd look more closely into these things also.

But the fact is that I read a lot of things that are mediocre, or even bad, just to figure out what's so bad about them. It's a learning process. Research. And yes, I want to read good stuff, but picking near-randomly gets me enough good stuff that I enjoy it.

Basically, if someone mentions something to me - pretty much anything, to be honest - it goes on The List. And if I see something that looks neat, it goes on The List.

If it goes on The List, I read it. Or play it. Or watch it. Whatever.

But that does lead to situations like the current one, when I pick up a book that's been intruiging me for a while that looks like it's your basic indie story about late teens growing up in the world, and it turns out to be a basic indie story about late teens with superpowers growing up in the world.

I was close, I guess.

It's damn good. Right here. "Demo". Recommended.
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