Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

* Soronel really wants a boat he can cross the pacific in
atrus> you can technicaly cross the pacific with a couple of oil drums
ZorbaTHut> if you want to do it more efficiently, strap a JATO rocket to 'em
ZorbaTHut> I'm pretty sure just about anything can be built using oil drums and JATO rockets.
Soronel> atrus: I wish to maintain both a somewhat reasonable level of comfort and safety, as well as be able to control where I end up
Soronel> for instance, I wish to visit easter island and bikini
Soronel> and maybe american samoa
ZorbaTHut> soronel, I suggest a gigantic catapult.
ZorbaTHut> Built out of oil drums and JATOs.
ZorbaTHut> Nothing could possibly be wrong with this idea.
Soronel> Zorba: the thing to keep in mind, I also intend to somehow entice personble female companionship along for this trip
ZorbaTHut> oooh. most females don't like oil drum jato catapults, unfortunately. that might change things.
ZorbaTHut> You could add some felt.
ZorbaTHut> Girls like felt.
Yaeyama> who doesn't like felt?
Yaeyama> mmmm, felt.

#c++. We can solve anything in this channel.
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