Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

pax housing

So I'm going to the Penny Arcade Expo again. August 25-27th. I'm actually going to be an Enforcer there, which is basically staff, and is pretty cool.


I need a place to stay.

I'm considering getting a hotel room. I mean that's always an option, obviously. Except the hotel rooms are really expensive. It would actually be cheaper to rent a car and pick up a hotel further away, plus then I'd have a car and it'd be neat to be able to drive around and get a Dick's Deluxe and maybe meet friends for food and things. So a car would be cool. I wouldn't object to that.

If I've got a car, though, I don't need to be dead-smack in the center of Bellevue. Which brings up other possibilities! Namely: does anyone here live in the Seattle area and have crash space for that weekend, plus maybe a day or two in each direction? :D

Housing will be repaid with sushi, or if you're crazy and don't like sushi, something else.

I still haven't decided if this is the way I want to go. But I'd kind of like it. And a hotel room would be $85/day and that's pretty painful, plus . . . I dunno, I kind of don't like hotels. Too sterile. I want people, and the people on my friends list are (in general) pretty cool.

So if you might have space then, and wouldn't mind a geek coming over, let me know. Couch or inflatable mattress would both be fine, and I can probably bring my own inflatable mattress in the worst case which would mean floor would be fine.

(I've honestly lost track of how many people on this list are in Seattle, which is why I'm not asking people individually.)

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