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shifting emotions

I actually don't have a lot to say . . . earlier today, life sucked.

Now it does not.

Aerith hugged me online! This . . . how can I explain this . . . Aerith's the girl I asked out a few months ago, who said she'd prefer me as a friend. I met her online something like two and a half years ago, and I think she may be the person who gave me the first hug I felt really meant something (online or offline). She has, unfortunately, gotten a lot more closed-up, due to things like stalkers >_<

Well . . . tonight and two nights ago, she gave me a hug before going to bed . . .

it feels nice, because I really like her.

Second, and far less important, this - an article I wrote, that got posted on Kuro5hin's front page! WOO! Rock on :D The first article I submitted to K5 also. And it's getting some interesting commentary.

I also like the poll results - apparently Big Business is the most likely to destroy the world, followed by Slashdot and Dubya, in that order. And the least likely are DMCA and mutant rats. (But you never know.) With Majestic 12, entropy, and global thermonuclear war falling between those :)

btw, interested in any comments people have.

Will be gone probably tomorrow, will be back saturday. shall be fun ^^ camping with friends!

. . . and she hugged me!
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