Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

Went to work out again today, which I haven't been doing often enough but am trying to do more often.

The exercise machines at Google get TV - there's a little screen on each device, along with a place to plug in headphones. Not only that, but they get Cartoon Network, so my exercise schedule is often built around what cartoons are on. (Oddly, they're not on Pacific time. I remain confused as to why.)

In any case, today I kind of fucked up the timing and instead of getting to watch Teen Titans I ended up watching Pokemon. In the process, I noticed two things worthy of comment.

First off, Ash never actually does anything. The trainers give long complex instructions on what his pokemon do, and Ash listens carefully, nods, and then says "Okay, Swellow! Go do it!" And the Pokemon does all the work. Ash really doesn't contribute much.

Okay. That's slightly unfair. He does congratulate his Pokemon when they do the right thing. And he poses. He gets a lot of practice at posing. I guess that might be hard work. And, really, we can be teaching far worse lessons than "congratulate your slave-creatures when they follow your every whim". But it still seems like kind of a bad deal for the Pokemon.

Second, Combusken kind of looks like a penis.

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