Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

sometimes, the small things are enough

So there's this columnist called Mark Morford. He's rabidly liberal and his columns are even more rabidly liberal. He usually can't get through one without making a side attack at George Bush or Christians. He rants, with great vigor, and without restraint. I get his column on E-mail because he posted one column that was good, and I left the window open until he posted a second column, and it was also good. That's enough.

Turns out those were a bit of an uncommon event. There's only so much "lol bush" I can take, and, honestly, "lol bush" is around 95% of his columns. Nevertheless, one column in six grabs me in the first paragraph, and I read it, and honestly he is good writer. He rants well. (He should. He gets much practice at it.)

I don't know if I'd go to the effort of resubscribing. But I'm not bothering to unsubscribe either.

Well, actually, I do know if I'd go to the effort of resubscribing. His publisher is changing email list systems, see, and they're asking everyone to resubscribe on the new one, with big red text begging for it at the top of each email. And I'm not. He's just not that good. Clicking the link? Filling in my info again? Too much effort, dude. Way too much effort. So, in a week or two, I will stop receiving Mark Morford. And it's all because their techs aren't able to import an E-mail list. They'll still have everyone who loves to read what they're sending . . . but they're neatly removing the people who are in that big, gray area of limitless inertia.

Seems like a bad business idea to me.
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