Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

erotic yak dreams

grrr, I didn't *mean* to post six duplicates! stupid mac :P

Well, I'm back from the trip. It was fun and good and things. We hiked out five miles and set up camp next to a lake and just hung out for a day and a half . . . then came back partly, hung out another day, then went the rest of the day. Fun stuff ^^

With many many phrases and situations that will live forever. Examples:

"Do not claw Destructor! Destructor's flesh is weak and frail!"

"A suppressor causes a gun to sound like something that *isn't* a gun. That's all." "So, for example, 'die rebel scum' *quack quack quack quack*?"

And so on.

Somehow I really can't explain it if you weren't there. But it rocked :)

Let's see . . . other stuff . . .

yes, yes I was. Apparently. Or something.

Lessee. Problems with long hair: It gets tangled. Problems with a hard uncomfortable pillow: It tangles hair. Problems with a three-day camping trip: No easy way to untangle hair.

THREE SHAMPOOS. That's what it took to get my hair untangled.


And I'm finally done catching up on LJ! And it only took me two hours!

I may have more to say later . . .
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