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Someone I know has breaking information about 9/11! He knows it's a conspiracy and he has proof.

His two major points:

* The World Trade Towers fell faster than the speed of gravity - and this is exactly how controlled building demolitions behave!
* Several major universities built full-size scale replicas of the WTC and proved, beyond any doubt, that the collapse could not have been caused by jet planes!

(You might think that a university could be unable to fund a full-size replica of the WTC. So did I, but it turns out that universities have lots of money. Silly me for questioning his flawless logic.)

I don't know about you, but with this new evidence I'm rethinking a lot of stuff.

Yaeyama> kaber: in order to prove or disprove it, they would have to build an exact replica of the WTCs, the pentagon, and get 4 RC controlled jets and do experiments. somehow i don't think they'll find that kind of money in their budget
kaber> read the article, that si what they do
kaber> universieties make hundreds of millions of dollars
Yaeyama> kaber: ummm
kaber> universities
kaber> yea. look it up. look up revenuus for top schools
kaber> revenues
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