Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

a various set of curious and intruiging thought exercises

1) Assume that you are going to be put in a fighting ring with a number of 8-year-olds. You will be given two days of training, as will the 8-year-olds. It is a fight to the death. If neither side has won within one hour, both sides are killed by the judges. What is the maximum number of 8-year-olds that you could defeat?

2) Assume that, instead of it being you, it's Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, or Vin Diesel. What is the maximum number of 8-year-olds one of them could defeat?

3) Instead of being in a fighting ring, it takes place on an entirely barren planet, and there is no time limt. Would it be theoretically possible to last a week? Would it be theoretically possible to last indefinitely?

4) Obviously, eventually, old age will claim you. However, could you possibly forge a lasting civilization? You'd have to capture several females and hold them until maturity, of course, but perhaps it would be possible to make some kind of a bone cage to keep them in.

5) Assuming that it would be possible to create a perpetual civilization on the Planet of Infinite 8-year-olds, what is the maximum technology level that civilization could reach?

Note: I suspect the answer to #5 depends largely on what kind of clothes the 8-year-olds wear. Buttons and zippers will help things significantly. Also, think big! "Infinite" is a really large number - if you can get enough of them into space in the same location, you could create a new sun through gravity and hydrogen fusion.
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