Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

This is why I am starting to lean away from Apple again, without ever really having leaned entirely towards them.

I hate the recent DRM surge. DRM is awful, awful stuff as far as I'm concerned, and I'm saying this as someone who plans to make a living in content - the very thing DRM is supposed to protect.

Well, news flash, it doesn't. DRM does not and can not work - you'd have to destroy a good chunk of mathematics to make it function. (Yes, that's how fundamentally it's flawed.) It's the same thing that Microsoft has been attacked for repeatedly. The big companies don't want you to own anything, you see. They want you to lease your property, so you pay for it over and over again. They want to be able to modify it at will. (Oh, you liked having a car that goes more than 50mph? Well, yours doesn't anymore. Sorry. We changed it. But you can buy the new model if you want - it does!) They don't want you to be able to sell it, or give it away, or modify it to suit your needs, or even protect it from loss. They just want you to buy, over and over and over again.

For a while I thought Apple was going to avoid this. They had good technical reasons to lock down OSX to only work on their own hardware - drivers are hard, and much of Windows' instability is due to flaky third-party drivers. So I can understand that.

But then Apple came up with something called iTunes, and realized how much money was available in it, and now . . . well, now they're selling a phone for six hundred dollars that you fundamentally won't actually own.

(For the legal details: yes, you'll "own" the phone. And if you try installing any software on it that Apple hasn't provided, you can be thrown in jail. Yes, literally. Enjoy your new phone.)

I guess I'm just not that interested. If I could install my own software, that would be cool. If I could copy iTunes music, that would be quite neat. As it is . . . well, I buy music, but only if it's not sold by an RIAA member. I even buy downloadable music, but only if I can copy it to my other computers and systems without fighting with it. And I'm buying fewer and fewer PC games, because almost every one requires me to keep the CD in the drive even though it doesn't read any data from that CD, and many of them refuse to run entirely because they don't like the software I have installed.

Microsoft doesn't own my computer. Apple doesn't own my computer. Neither do the RIAA, the MPAA, or the US Government. And if any of those groups try to tell me what I'm allowed to do with it, they can go screw themselves.
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