Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

best. spam. ever.

Subject: The result is a terrifyingly fluffy death struggle.

(cut the actual spam bits)

But for myself, I don't know that I'd really want the airship bbq.
Suddenly one day Robert kills a person in car accident. The painting was
acquired through a generous grant made by the Friends of the Janus
Above, Natasha thinks about jumping Leroy.
Also appearing is another of our favorite actors, the Great Pran, as
Kishenlal, seen above in a shocking bad hat.
Children, please look away. In disguise, the boys sing the theme song
Anahoni ko Honi during the thrilling climax. He asks Kishanlal to take
the blame and assure him that he would take care of his family and
support them financially. It's really excellent - rich, buttery and
nutty tasting. So as a public service to Pagetophiles everywhere, here
is the complete sequence, courtesy of one Turbanhead and Youtube. Here's
a video of the thrilling climax, courtesy again of Youtube. Children,
please look away.
In other news, Kyle Lerfald of the Gunroom suggests that our terrifying
Squid vs.
This just in - the giant squid issues a statement.
Many, like our acquisition, commemorate a miraculous intervention.
Or is it only an Amazon software glitch?
Above - Natasha and Leroy in the historic Circle, Washington Grove.
Many, like our acquisition, commemorate a miraculous intervention.
Curiously, he didn't attack - just sat and stared at me in a sad sort of
way. Children, please look away.
And our squid didn't die in the making of the video, as the Japanese
squid did.
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