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(talking about my ex)
ZorbaTHut: . . . sort of. we were good friends despite not having known each other very long. we'd told each other a lot of stuff we hadn't told anyone else - we just sort of bonded instantly.
ZorbaTHut: empathized tremendously and all.
Wolfe14K: I know exactly how that is...I have a friend like that.
ZorbaTHut: friends like that are good . . .

. . . and then there's the bit I backspaced over before hitting enter, that started as "since then, I've found a bunch more, at least" . . . then realizing that I haven't.

I have sort of. I've found people who can talk to me. I don't even pretend to understand why people are willing to tell me everything after only knowing them a week. or less. But it's happened at least half a dozen times now, probably more.

But . . . sigh . . . I still don't open up very much. I'm just really good at drawing others out :/ *they* talk to *me*, and I'm so good at steering the conversation in the opposite direction, and I've gotten the entire why-my-ex-left-me routine down so well, that nobody ever really has to know me.

this is my first protected entry . . . I'm not entirely certain why I picked this particular group of people for this . . . I've titled it "balance", and it consists of people who probably won't (or, at least, shouldn't) feel guilty about relying on me too much, because either they don't, or I rely on them also.

bah. I'm in a weird mood tonight :/

Comments are appreciated, as always . . .
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