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Devastation Net

Time for another release!

Version is now here, with two new exciting features.

First: Linux support! I’ve done my best at getting a functional Linux package together, and I think I have one. This ought to plug straight into a vanilla Ubuntu installation. If you want to install it on any other distribution . . . well, hopefully you can figure it out. Is there a better way to package it? Maybe. If so, please let me know, since I’m really kind of in the dark here. You will need some kind of 3d acceleration support, just to warn you – software rendering is, shall we say, slow.

Second: Editor support! I’ve included the level editor I use for all the levels and much of the 3d geometry. It’s undocumented and largely unsupported, and there are many issues with it (such as the lack of copy/paste) but it does work, and it is usable. If you want to make your own levels, or edit the existing levels, now you can. I’m certain there are ways you can make invalid levels that will cause the game to crash, but I’m OK with that because invalid levels should really be spitting out useful error messages instead of just crashing.

As for the game itself, it’s mostly only been changed with a few small bugfixes and usability fixes. Finally, though, I’m moving onto actually improving the game itself, so with luck it’ll get more exciting soon.

As a side note, I’d love to make an OSX version. However, I don’t have a Mac. If anyone has an ancient OSX-capable Mac system that they’d be willing to donate or loan, I promise I’ll get an OSX build working just as soon as I have a platform I can run it on :)

Download the Windows version and the Linux version, and if you’re getting the Linux version, please tell me if it works!

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