Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

interesting places in North America, as per Zorba's friends


Purple flags are places, red flags are people. I think I have all the people and places that you all suggested in my previous post, and then some. If there's a purple flag where you live it's probably because I have a place in the same area, and it's just drawing the purple flag on top of it. If there's a place you suggested I visit, or you're a person you suggested I visit, and there's no flag right there, then let me know 'cause I might have screwed up. With one exception because there's no flag in Burlington but I'm not really worried about forgetting that stop.

I am still taking suggestions for the Vacation of Doom and probably will be until I'm done with the vacation, so if there are places or people you think are totally awesome let me know. This offer will last!

I'm gonna be leaving probably in a day or two at most, I'm just doing final prep and then I basically toss a bunch of stuff in my car and get out of here. I'll be seeing some of you at various points in the next few months, and I'll probably be posting once in a while to say "okay I found some wifi, here is a confusing series of pictures of trees, I think I'm in China right now but I could be wrong."

(I don't plan to go to China. But you never know. The only reason I'm not visiting Hawaii is that it's very difficult to drive there.)
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