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#define x 3
#define f(a) f(x * (a))
#undef x
#define x 2
#define g f
#define z z[0]
#define h g( ~
#define m(a) a(w)
#define w 0,1
#define t(a) a
f(y+1) + f(f(z)) % t(t(g)(0) + t)(1);
g(x+(3,4)-w) | h 5) & m
My program's output:
The necessary output:

So close! And the worst part is, I can't hack the logic slightly to make it work. It's impossible at this point - not for that part. So, once again, back to the drawing board to figure out what insane twist of logic is required to properly implement an ANSI C++ preprocessor.

I think I've finally figured it out - I need a "finished" flag in my identifiers. I think that could work. But at the moment, I'm too sleepy to make *sure* before I start coding it. And I don't want to code it until I'm sure. I might actually be right if I wait for that :P

Ah well. Tomorrow.
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