Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

day 1: instructions for a the zorba

First destination: Las Vegas.

It's not that I have any great love for Las Vegas. It's that the Star Trek Experience is closing at the end of next month. Apparently it's good - Wil Wheaton says so, and it's hard to get a better authority. At least, a better authority that's also a geek who posts about this sort of thing.

So I'm going to Las Vegas, and I had a choice between taking a highway the entire way or detouring up through the mountains via Yosemite. Guess which one I chose! I will give you a hint: today I traveled about three easily-measurable vertical miles.

It will come as no surprise to you that there are pretty things way up there. The ground, it goes up, and then it goes down, and then it goes up again. There are lakes. There are a truly ridiculous number of trees. Why so many trees? Do we really need more than five or six? I am pretty sure trees serve no useful purpose, back me up on this one.

In any case, they sure are pretty.

There's also dead people.

This particular stop - and when I say "this particular stop", I mean "one of the few ones I decided to take pictures at, and the only one which is notable besides a truly incredible number of trees" - had no less than two memorials to people who died fighting fires to save the aforementioned trees. Which is pretty cool - I mean, not that they died, but that they were given admittedly quite pretty memorials, in places with great views. Unfortunately, this memorial was either badly chosen, or was later unintentionally made ironic.

See that second line? "Listen to the pines whisper in the light wind"? Well, guess what went right over this particular scenic viewpoint!

BAM! High-tension power lines!

The thing about high-tension power lines, you see, is that they hum. Not loudly. But . . . unremittingly. Unceasingly. Perpetually. And I have trouble believing that the gentle pulse of 60hz electrons is really what she meant by "the pines".

I will admit that I did find it peaceful, however. What can I say. I like electricity.

On the way down I ran into a Halo level.

Just look at that. I think I can see where the Covenant dropship is going to land.

And all I have left to say is, this better not be a precursor to fiction becoming reality.

(List of all articles in the series - contains spoilers, don't read past the red box until you've read everything in the red box. May be faintly horrifying. Not recommended for alcoholics. Ask your doctor if Instruction is right for you. Side effects may include eventual inevitable death.)
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