Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
Zorba the Hutt

ZorbaTHut> aaaagh. time should not work that way. my brain hurts now
Sculptor> mixing red bull and vodka?
ZorbaTHut> Braid
ZorbaTHut> it's a puzzle game
ZorbaTHut> http://www.chainsawsuit.com/20080820.shtml <-- this pretty much sums it up in a lot of ways
gencha> i think i don't get it
ZorbaTHut> the idea is that instead of Braid (a fiendishly hard puzzle game involving time travel) having been made by a twisted human, it was actually made by a six-dimensional being from beyond time, whose brain works on such a level that he did not even realize that there were puzzles
ZorbaTHut> imagine if you go to interview Arnold Schwarzenegger, and he gives you an address
ZorbaTHut> you arrive at that address and are immediately assaulted by hundreds upon hundreds of brain-devouring zombies
ZorbaTHut> you fight your way up to the building and finally get in, and ask breathlessly, "why did you choose this spot, the zombie hordes are quite dangerous"
ZorbaTHut> and Arnold, brandishing a full-sized tank cannon and covered in zombie guts, looks at you with confusion and says "what zombies, I did not notice any zombies"

(I am back. At least one more post will be forthcoming. Right now, I am doing something I haven't done in a while, and going to play board games with a bunch of friends.)

(Also, if you weren't at PAX, and you like fun, you should be at the next PAX. If you don't like fun, I suppose you have an excuse.)
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