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GT Machaira

Ironically, the game during the “Art Game” month is probably the ugliest yet. Then again, it’s also the least polished and least gamelike. And, yes, I completely ignored the official theme.

Download GT Machaira (zip version).

I’m not providing a screenshot for this, but I am going to describe the purpose of the game and whether I felt it was successful. So yeah I’m basically breaking every convention so far.

My original plan with this was to muck about with sidescroller brawler balance and see if I came up with a game idea. To put it simply: sidescroller brawler balance is very difficult, and I didn’t come up with a game idea. I basically just spent four days learning about the genre from a development point of view and discovering a whole ton of stuff that didn’t work and mistaken impressions I had.

For example, sidescrollers? Really goddamn fucking fast. In WoW I’m used to cast times in the 1-2 second range, and effects that last multiple seconds. In order to make this thing feel good I was literally balancing single frames, and doing a bad job of that to boot.

So eventually I got it to its current state – which is actually kind of fun – and realized that I simply do not know enough to continue. I need to research. Lots of Super Smash Brothers playing, lots of old brawler playing, that sort of thing. I need to sit down with Super Mario World and really understand its physics. It will be a lot of work, and so I’m providing the game as it stands.

I’d be interested in feedback. I know the art sucks, I know the music and sound are . . . nonexistent. I may write up a bit more in a week or two once I’ve had time to ponder this a bit. I may also release a 1.1 – there’s one or two features I couldn’t provide due to some failures in the framework I’m using, but I’ve got to fix those at some point and might change things once I do. We’ll see.

GT means Gameplay Test. It is not meant to be a complete game, or even a particularly cohesive vision – it’s me mucking about with stuff and seeing what happens. There may be more GT games.

Next project: GT Machaira OSX. It’s time to go crossplatform.

And now, I’m going to go play New Super Mario Bros Wii.

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