Zorba the Hutt (zorbathut) wrote,
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  • @JZig Man, this is what I keep telling everyone. Although I admit that PAX East is a bit more forgivable for people on the west coast. #
  • GDC attendee survey: "How many years have you been involved in game development?" #
  • Um . . . does that include being ten and knowing it's what I wanted to do? 'Cause if so, it's been a while. #
  • Also, if you have a question for "top level of education completed", please make sure your lowest level isn't more than I technically have. #
  • @JZig Aha, yeah. That's kind of unknowable :) Well, PAX Prime, then. #
  • so who is excited for #pax? the correct answer is "everyone" #
  • bug report: boston is cold. please fix immediately. TIA. #
  • People are spending more time playing games and less time frantically plugging in monitors. #PAX expo hall's lookin' good. #
(Got questions? I read replies! Discussed entries may be turned into full-fledged journal posts, so ask away.)

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