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I decided to spend a little more time on graphics this time around. Here’s the result.

Windows (.zip version available)
Mac OSX (10.5 or higher)
Linux (read notes below)

A few major things to be aware of.

First, this game makes more extensive use of your video card than any I’ve written before. As such, if you’ve got old hardware or bad video drivers, you may have trouble running it. Sorry! It should tell you if anything goes wrong. I did fix a bug causing it to crash if you had no audio output, so that might make a few of you happy.

Second, I now support OSX 10.5. At least, I think I do. Let me know if there’s problems.

Third, I now support Linux. At least, I think I do. There will be problems. I know for a fact that it does not natively run on any 64-bit Linux distribution. I’ve heard there’s a way to fix this, but I don’t know what it is yet (besides “make a 64-bit build” which won’t be happening for a while.) The sound layer also seems to be a bit flaky – there is sound, but you might not get any. I may be rewriting the sound layer in the near future. I’m also hoping to add .deb and .rpm packages in the future.

It’s been tested successfully on Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 8.04, Kubuntu 10.04, Fedora 12, and Debian 5.0.4. Success, in this context, means “it either ran properly, or complained about a lack of video card capabilities.” It’s been tested unsuccessfully on Ubuntu 64 10.04. It’s also crashed on a friend’s system running Debian 6.0 test. Why? Couldn’t really say! I’d absolutely love any data points or debugging assistance you can provide.

Obviously, I haven’t said much about the game. That’s because you should be playing the game and not listening to me ramble about it.

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