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cheap subbed anime

Wow. Now that's a good price for anime!

Let's see . . . I am now the proud owner of . . .

All of Irresponsible Captain Tylor (8 tapes)
All of Slayers first series (8 tapes)
Almost all of Slayers Next (7 tapes)
Almost all of Slayers Try (7 tapes) (fansub)
First chunk of Sorceror Hunters (3 tapes)
First chunk of NukuNuku (3 tapes)
Slayers: Explosion Array, Dragon Slave, and The Motion Picture
Sakura Wars ('cause, why not?)
and something called Capricorn because it had a cute dragongirl on the cover.

And the missing tape of Slayers Next I actually have, but it's dubbed, so someday I'll find the subbed version and complete that collection. Same with Slayers Try.

Oh, and all of that (except that one tape of Next) is subbed, of course :)

And how much did this cost me?

$200. ^^
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