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math homework . . .

Chapter 2.1, problem 2.

I read the problem and try to figure out what it's telling me - it seems to be asking me to write down what ( -3 + -2, 2 + 5 ) is, then draw a line from ( -3, 2 ) to that point. Then I realize - it is. sigh. It's the same stuff I did in, what - fourth grade? I don't know. I wrote a 3d graph program in middle school. In Basic. On my dad's 386/20. It was so I could figure out an equation for a wormhole. I did eventually . . . I vaguely forget it. It started out as 1/x, I think, then I added stuff. 1/(x^2) actually. y = 1/(x^2). no, y = 1/(x^2 + z^2) since it had to be 3d. I think that works. yeah. middle school.

I wish I could start over.

Back to math.
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